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September 27-30, 2021
Seattle, Washington, USA + Virtual
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Monday, September 27

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The Community Management Handbook: The Open Source Way 2.0 - Karsten Wade, Red Hat Room 12 Welcome & Remarks - Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, Cloud Native Computing Foundation Room 1 Development Best Practices: An Overview of Working in the Software World - Andrew Grimberg, The Linux Foundation Room 11 Building Machine Learning Feature Stores Using Spark, Feast, KFServing - Ted Chang & Chin Huang, IBM Room 7 Case Study: When the Open Source Program Office is Responsible for Innovation - Mark Gisi & Amanda Huynh, Wind River Room 16 Cut your Cloud Computing Costs by Half with Unikraft - Felipe Huici, NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH Room 2 Robocat Meets Octopus and Octocat: Interoperability in CI/CD - Jerop Kipruto, Google & Priti Desai, IBM Room 18 Tutorial: Shaping the Future of Cloud Native Infrastructure at the Age of AI, 5G and Edge - Sponsored by Futurewei Room 17 Introduction to pin muxing and GPIO control under Linux - Neil Armstrong, BayLibre Room 3 Panel Discussion: Industrial Linux Beyond 2022 - Kate Stewart, Linux Foundation & Guy Lunardi, Collabora; Additional Panelists to be Announced Room 4 Teach an Old Network Driver New Tricks - Oleksij Rempel & Marc Kleine-Budde, Pengutronix Room 5 Perf on RISC-V: The Past, the Present and the Future - Atish Patra & Anup Patel, Western Digital Room 10 The State of Open Source Games and Open Source Gaming Tools in 2021 - David Graham Brooks, David Graham Brooks Room 9 When Your Data has Relationships, Choose the Right Match - Ajay Kumar S, JP Morgan Room 19 Are We Forever Doomed to Software Supply Chain Security? - Liran Tal, Snyk Room 8 Building and Growing an Open Source Community for an Incubating Project - Sandra Youssef & Ketan Umare, Union.ai Room 14 Leveraging Specifications in Open Source Projects - Scott Nicholas, Linux Foundation Room 15 Cybersecurity Challenges & Community Based Risk Management - Keith Bergelt, Open Invention Network Room 13

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A Beginners Guide to Open Source Metrics and Analysis - Sophia Vargas, Google Room 12 Bridges, Bonds, and Taps - Going Beyond eth0 - John Hawley, VMware Room 11 Designing High-Performance Scalable Middleware for HPC, AI, and Data Science in Exascale Systems and Clouds - Dhabaleswar K Panda & Hari Subramoni, The Ohio State University Room 7 Lessons Learned from Creating an OSPO at Goldman Sachs - Rohan Deshpande & Rosalie Bartlett, Goldman Sachs Room 16 AI Pipelines Workflows and ML lineage using Tekton Pipelines - Tommy Li & Animesh Singh, IBM Room 18 The Secret To Brewing Up A Good API - David Dymko, Vultr Room 17 Building Robotics Applications at Scale using Open Source from Zero to Hero - Alex Coqueiro, AWS Room 3 Deep Dive into Today's Videobuf2 Framework - Smitha T Murthy & Ajay Kumar, Samsung Semiconductor Room 5 Securing a Yocto-based Distribution: The Case of AllScenariosOS - Marta Rybczynska Room 4 Automating & Monitoring Seedling Growth in the Cloud Using IoT, Messaging & Micronaut - Todd Sharp, Oracle Room 6 35 Fedora Releases in 30 Minutes (plus Q&A!) - Matthew Miller, Red Hat Room 10 Cassandra Made Easy: Interact with your Data using Stargate HTTP APIs - Kirsten Hunter, Kirsten Hunter Room 19 How Open Source is Eating Software: Numbers and Trends - Gordon Haff, Red Hat Room 8 Panel Discussion hosted by VMware - Speakers to be Announced Room 1 Welcome to JavaScriptLandia - Jory Burson, Linux Foundation Room 15 "Installation Information" and GPLv3 & GPLv2 -- What Information Must you Provide, and What do you Need Not Provide, for your Embedded Systems? - McCoy Smith, Lex Pan Law Room 13 Allyship Workshop - hosted by Google (Speakers to be Announced) Room 20 Tutorial: Managing Raspberry Pi Pico Applications Using Tock OS and Rust - Ioana Culic & Alexandru Radovici, Wyliodrin Room 14

1:55pm PDT

2:30pm PDT

Connecting Communities and Business to Create Data-Driven Decisions - Cali Dolfi & Brian Proffitt, Red Hat Room 1 Observability with Prometheus and Beyond: Leveraging Cloud-native Technologies Outside of Cloud - Richard Hartmann, Grafana Labs Room 11 Simplifying Testing of Spark Applications - Megan Yow, Sobeys Room 7 Ten Years of Practice from Tencent Open Source - Mark Shan, Tencent Room 16 How to Tame My Edge Devices? - Sven Erik Jeroschewski, Bosch.IO Room 2 Hail Hydrate! From Stream to Lake Using Open Source - Timothy J Spann, Cloudera Room 17 Under the Hood with Fluent Bit Operator: Kubernetes-native Log Processor - Feynman Zhou, QingCloud & Dhruv Kela, DigitalOcean Room 18 Panel Discussion: Words Matter: Inclusive Language in Software, Open Source, & the Enterprise - Joanna Lee, Gesmer Updegrove; Suzy Greenberg, Intel Corporation; Amy Marrich, Red Hat; Mark Miller Room 12 Cross Debugging on Linux : A History, Current State of the Art and Coming Improvements - Thierry Bultel, IoT.BzH Room 5 Using OP-TEE as a Cryptography Engine - Gregory Malysa, Timesys Room 4 Yocto Continuous Integration in a Kube - Joshua Watt, Garmin Room 3 zenoh: A Next-Generation Protocol for IoT and Edge Computing - Frédéric Desbiens, Eclipse Foundation Room 6 openSUSE on the Mainframe - Sarah Julia Kriesch, Accenture GmbH Room 10 Panel Discussion: Kernel Internship Report (Outreachy) - Alison Schofield, Intel Corporation; Zhansaya Bagdauletkyzy, Self; Mitali Borkar; Beatriz Martins de Carvalho; Deborah Brouwer Room 9 Hyperledger Fabric: The Enterprise Blockchain Framework - Arnaud J Le Hors, IBM Room 19 Tips and Tricks: Protecting Cloud Infrastructure - Krista Macomber, Evaluator Group Room 8 Evolving FOSSology Ecosystem - Anupam Ghosh & Gaurav Mishra, Siemens AG Room 15 Arduino Sensor Data History in MySQL - Walter W Leutwyler, Optum Room 13

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Getting Started with Getting Started: How to Engage New Users - Omer Bensaadon, VMware & Carlos Santana, IBM Room 12 Start with Ally as a “verb” and Build that with Partnership - Lekha Rani Lalitha & Kaushik Venkatesh, IBM INDIA PVT LTD Room 20 Business Reviewers within Enterprise Compliance Systems - Carol Smith, Microsoft Room 1 Cloud Infrastructure Explained: For Normal People - Nils Magnus, T-Systems International GmbH Room 11 AI-powered Vector Search Engine Weaviate - Laura Ham, SeMI Technologies Room 7 Our Open Source Journey: How Aspen Mesh went from an Outsider to a Leader in the Istio Community - Libby Meren & Neeraj Poddar, F5 Networks Room 16 Container Standards Explained - Melissa McKay, JFrog Room 18 Open Source for Better Observability - Dotan Horovits, Logz.io Room 17 Building Open Hardware with Open Software - Michael Tretter, Pengutronix e.K. Room 5 Reaching the Multimedia Web from Embedded Platforms with WPEWebKit - Philippe Normand, Igalia Room 4 The 5 Key Success Factors to Deploy Yocto for “Production Grade” Embedded/IoT Devices - Adrien Leravat, Witekio Room 13 Panel Discussion: Pyrrha, A Call for Code Open Source Project - Salomé Valero Cumplido & Marco Emilio Rodríguez Serrano, Prometeo Platform; Daniel Krook & Upkar Lidder, IBM Room 6 How has Covid-19 Impacted the kernel Development over the Last Year? - Daniel German, University of Victoria & Kate Stewart, The Linux Foundation Room 10 Icebreaker: Introducing Upstream Kernels to Google’s Data-centers - Andrew Delgadillo & Dylan Hatch, Google Room 9 From a Database in Container to DBaaS on Kubernetes - Peter Zaitsev, Percona Room 19 Supply Chain Attacks: The New Reality - Susan St. Clair, Whitesource Room 13 SW360 SBOM and License Obligation Management - Michael Jaeger, Siemens AG & Kouki Hama, Toshiba Corporation Room 8 It's All about the Strategy: A Brief Story of How the Open Source Renaissance in Financial Services - Gabriele Columbro, FINOS Room 15 Tutorial: Open Source Summit v.s. Speakers: Breaking Boundaries Edition - Sarah Christoff & Jacquie Grindrod, Hashicorp Room 2

4:15pm PDT

4:50pm PDT

Creating An Inclusive Interview Environment - Jeffrey Strauss, Snapchat Room 20 University-based Open Source Programs Offices - Sayeed Choudhury, Johns Hopkins University Room 1 Cloud Security: The Beauty Of Open-Source - Rajvi Khanjan Shroff, Project Cyber Room 11 Enforcing Data Quality in Data Processing and ML Pipelines with Flyte and Pandera - Niels Bantilan, union.ai Room 7 What does an Open Source Office do in a Bank? - Daniel Estiven Rico Posada, Bancolombia Room 16 Achieving End-to-end Visibility into Complex Event-sourcing Transactions using Distributed Tracing - Michael Haberman, Haberman Room 17 Leveraging WebAssembly to Write Kubernetes Admission Policies - Flavio Castelli & Rafael Fernández López, SUSE Room 18 Panel Discussion: Evolving the Confidential Computing Consortium: Non-profit Collaboration for Growth - Stephen Walli & Aeva Black, Microsoft; Mike Bursell, Congruus Room 12 Advanced Camera Support on Allwinner SoCs with Mainline Linux - Paul Kocialkowski, Bootlin Room 4 BoF: Automotive Grade Linux Developer - Walt Miner, The Linux Foundation Room 3 Panel Discussion: Super Long Term Kernel Maintenance - Masashi Kudo & Alice Ferrazzi Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.; Greg Kroah-Hartman, The Linux Foundation; Jan Kiszka, Siemens Technology; Chris Paterson, Renesas... Room 5 Picolibc: A C Library for Smaller Systems - Keith Packard, Amazon Room 6 Extra Boot Configuration - Expanding Kernel and Init Boot Parameters - Masami Hiramatsu, Linaro Ltd. Room 10 What is new in KernelShark two - Steven Rostedt, VMware Inc Room 9 MySQL 8.0 New Features - Dave Stokes, Oracle Room 19 Software Composition Analysis with Free Tools - Philippe Ombredanne, AboutCode.org and nexB Inc. Room 8 Memory Safety for Critical Digital Infrastructure - Josh Aas, Let's Encrypt Room 15 A Solution to the Tension Between Worker Shortage and the Hungry Hungry Developer - Jordan Hewitt, Damn Good Technology Room 14 Panel Discussion: Start Simple to Scale Decentralized Identity - Heather Dahl & Kenneth Ebert, Indicio.tech; RJ Reiser, Liquid Avatar Room 13

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