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September 27-30, 2021
Seattle, Washington, USA + Virtual
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Wednesday, September 29

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Co-host Sponsor Session: Making Open Source More Secure by Moving Upstream - Luis Villa, Co-founder, Tidelift Room 1 Building an Open Source Community from the Ground Up - Red Hat’s Game Industry Community of Practice - Ruth Suehle & Derek Reese, Red Hat Room 12 Getting Over Your Imposter Syndrome to Become a Conference Speaker - Dawn Foster, VMware Room 20 Infusing Trusted AI using Machine Learning Payload Logging on Kubernetes - Tommy Li & Andrew Butler, IBM Room 7 Improving Developer Experience: How We Built a Cloud Native Dev Stack for 100s of Engineers - Srinidhi S & Venkatesan Vaidyanathan, Razorpay Room 16 Building a VMM in Rust for the Edge - Sebastien Boeuf, Intel Corporation Room 2 Running My Actions: An Introduction to GitHub and GitLab Workflows - Ryan M Cook, Red Hat Room 17 What’s Breaking My Build? AIOps Tooling to Aid Your CI/CD Workflows - Oindrilla Chatterjee & Aakanksha Duggal, Red Hat Room 18 A Tale of Three Build Systems: Building a Custom Linux OS for BeagleV Starlight with Buildroot, Isar and Yocto Project - Tim Orling, Intel Corporation Room 3 The Open Graphics Stack - Alyssa Rosenzweig, Collabora Room 5 Will it Boot? -- The Case for Platform Standards in Embedded - Grant Likely, Arm Room 4 "Plan to throw one away" - Pitfalls of API Design for Low-level User-space Libraries and kernel Interfaces - Bartosz Golaszewski, BayLibre Room 9 Shared Virtual Addressing for High Performance Arm Infrastructure Platforms - Vivek Kumar Gautam, Arm Holdings Room 10 Broken Brokers in Boxes: Fuzzing Breaks Everything, Even Erlang - Jonathan Knudsen, Synopsys, Inc. Room 8 Health Credentials, Travel, Climate Change, Financial Inclusion and More: Digital Identity Gets Real - Brian Behlendorf, Linux Foundation & Christine Leong, Accenture Room 15 Creating Quality Control Dashboard using Python for Manufacturing Issues - Hemant K Baxi, Stellantis Room 13 Open Source Metrics: Moving from Vanity to Value - Julia Ferraioli, Independent & Amanda Casari, Google Room 14 Tutorial: Build a Green House Controller Using the MicroBit v2 and Rust - Alexandru Radovici & Ioana Culic, Wyliodrin Room 6

11:25am PDT

12:00pm PDT

End-to-end AI Marketplace with Execution Engine on Kubernetes - Christian Kadner, IBM Room 7 Case Study: Consolidate Usage of GNU/Linux in a Heterogeneous Industrial Context - Steffen Evers & Sven Erik Jeroschewski, Bosch.IO Room 16 Back to the Drawing Board: Building Containers with SBoMs - Nisha Kumar, VMware Room 2 Kubernetes Policy as Code with Kyverno - Jim Bugwadia, Nirmata Room 17 Long-Term Metrics with M3 and Prometheus - Matt Schallert, Chronosphere Room 18 Panel Discussion: Contributor Leaderboards to Incentivize Good Community Citizenship - Georg Link, Bitergia; Amy Marrich, Red Hat; Matthew Tift, Lullabot; Matt Germonprez, University of Nebraska at Omaha; Sean Goggins... Room 12 Panel Discussion: Eliminating Common Barriers to Contribution for More Inclusive Communities - Georg Link & Daniel Izquierdo, Bitergia; Anita Sarma & Mariam Guizani, Oregon State University Room 20 Behind the Curtains of Making Real Consumer Devices using Debian - Christopher Obbard, Collabora Ltd Room 4 LAVA + OpenQA = Automated, Continuous Full System Testing - Laurence Urhegyi & Javier Jardon, Codethink Ltd Room 3 OP-TEE: When Linux Loses Control - Clément Léger, Bootlin Room 5 The Challenge of Ending “Experimental” for Filesystem-DAX - Yasunori Goto & Ruan Shiyang, Fujitsu Ltd. Room 10 Transport-level Testing of NVMe Devices using VFIO - Klaus Jensen, Samsung Electronics Room 9 Supply Chain Armoring: Tools and Techniques for Open Source Projects - David C Stewart, Intel Corporation Room 8 Panel Discussion: How Government OSPOs Deliver Value for Citizens at Scale - Astor Nummelin Carlberg, OpenForum Europe; Maurizio Maria Gazzola, United Nations; Mala Kumar, GitHub; Evangelos Tsavalopoulos, European... Room 1 Modernizing Code Older than You Are: One Student Takes a COBOL Bank App to Hybrid Cloud - Sudhanshu Dubey, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana & Misty Decker, Micro Focus Room 15 Embrace FreeBSD to Let Your Innovations Soar! - Deb Goodkin, The FreeBSD Foundation Room 13 Open Source Tooling for Software Bill of Materials - Gareth Rushgrove, Snyk Room 14

12:50pm PDT

1:30pm PDT

So You Have a Popular GitHub Project and are Considering Building a Company - How do You Get Your Culture of Contribution and Inclusivity Right, Right Away? - Jillian Hufnagel, Slim.AI, Inc Room 20 Monorepo Madness: Dependencies, License Compliance, and Automation - Talia McCormick, Fossa Room 1 Efficient Data Parallel Distributed Training with Flyte, Spark & Horovod - Ketan Umare & Katrina Rogan, Union.ai Room 7 Lessons from Running One of the Largest CTFs - Stephane Graber, Canonical Ltd. Room 2 Building Scalable APIs using Serverless - Qendresa Hoti & Albiona Hoti, We Tech Room 18 Enhancing Metrics and Logs Support in OpenTelemetry - Alolita Sharma, Amazon Web Services Room 17 Panel Discussion: The EU Open Source Economic Impact Study: Findings, Analyses, Recommendations - Knut Blind, Fraunhofer ISI; Sachiko Muto, OpenForum Europe; Andrew Katz, Moorcrofts LLP; Mirko Boehm, MBition/Da... Room 12 Practical Experience with Linux A/B Upgrades - Leon Anavi, Konsulko Group Room 4 Yocto Project and Android – Compare and Contrast - Chris Simmonds, 2net Room 5 Remote Access to IoT Devices: Common Needs and Approaches - Eystein Måløy Stenberg, Northern.tech Inc. (Mender.io) Room 6 Distributed Switch Architecture (DSA): Running Mainline on Commercial Switches - Marcel Ziswiler, Toradex Room 10 Sandboxing Applications with Landlock - Mickaël Salaün, Microsoft Room 9 Trademarks and Open Source - Daniel Scales, The Linux Foundation Room 15 Getting Started with Reference Design Toolkit (RDK) Open Source - Harini Pavithra Elangovan, Tata Elxsi Room 13

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Lightning Talk: Managed VMs with WebAssembly for Scalable Secure IoT Deployments - Stefan Wallentowitz, Munich University of Applied Sciences Room 15 Training our Next Generation of Great Open Source Citizens - Michael Swift, Major League Hacking (MLH) Room 12 Growing Communities: A Research-based Framework for Eliminating Barriers to Contribution - Daniel Izquierdo, Bitergia & Mariam Guizani, Oregon State University Room 1 Presto - Today and Beyond - The Open Source SQL Engine for Querying all Data Lakes - Dipti Borkar, Ahana & Tim Meehan, Facebook Room 7 mck8s: A Container Orchestration Platform for Geo-distributed Multi-cluster Environments Room 2 CYOK - Choose Your Own Kubernetes For Local Development - Karthikeyan Govindaraj, BlackRock Room 17 BoF: Linux on Smartphones - Bernhard "bero" Rosenkränzer, LinDev / Huawei Room 5 Understanding Linux Interrupt Subsystem - Priya Dixit, Samsung Semiconductor India Research Room 3 A New user(space): Adding RISC-V Support to Zephyr RTOS - Kevin Hilman & Alexandre Mergnat, BayLibre Room 6 Finding Unmet Dependencies in Kconfig with the Kismet Static Analyzer - Paul Gazzillo, University of Central Florida Room 9 Guider: Performance Tracing Features for Linux - Peace Lee, Hyundai Motor Company Room 10 Secure Your Supply Chain: Adding a Software Bill of Materials to Your Containers to Improve Vulnerability Scanning - Paul Novarese, Anchore Room 8 Panel Discussion: Stories of Open Hardware in an Internet of Production - Barbara Schack, Internet of Production Alliance; Rawaa K. Abdulwahhab, Field Ready; Christina Rebel, Wikifactory; Emilio Velis, Appropedia... Room 13 Speed Networking & Mentoring TBA

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