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September 27-30, 2021
Seattle, Washington, USA + Virtual
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Tuesday, September 28

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Co-host Sponsor Session: Silona Bonewald, Executive Director, IEEE SA OPEN Room 1 Don't Forget to Like and Contribute: Streaming and Open Source Communities - Monica Ayhens-Madon, Canonical Room 12 Non-English Editions of Wikipedia Have a Misinformation Problem - Yumiko Sato, Independent Room 20 From an Idea to a Patch in the Linux Mainline - Marta Rybczynska, Syslinbit Room 11 LG Electronics' Open Source Program Office - Kyoungae Kim, LG Electronics Room 16 EVE: a Secure API for the Edge That Delights App Developers - Kathy Giori, ZEDEDA Inc. Room 2 Introduction to Kubernetes Operators - Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM Room 17 Security and Flexibility: Decouple Policy to Enable Architectural Choice - Ash Narkar, Styra Room 18 Unify Data and Storage Management with SODA ODF - Steven Tan, Futurewei & Anjaneya ‘Reddy’ Chagam, Intel Room 18 Exploring PWM Subsystem and its Usage in Embedded Devices - M Tamseel Shams, Samsung Semiconductor India R&D Center Room 4 Host Performance Booster (HPB): Introduction and Current Mainline Support Status - Jaemyung Lee & Alim Akhtar, Samsung Room 5 Static Partitioning and VM-to-VM Communication Mechanisms - Stefano Stabellini, Xilinx Room 3 Building Low-Latency Secure Embedded System Using eBPF - Alexandru Vochescu, University "Politehnica" of Bucharest & Alexandru Radovici, Wyliodrin Room 6 A Practical Approach to Control Unauthorized Execution of Interpreters - Junghwan Kang, The Affiliated Institute of ETRI Room 10 Rootless Containers with Podman - Steven Ellis, Red Hat Room 9 Horizontal Scaling with Vitess - Deepthi Sigireddi, PlanetScale Inc. Room 19 A Maintainable, Scalable, and Verifiable SW Qualification Approach for Automotive in Linux - Daniel Bristot de Oliveira, Red Hat & Gabriele Paoloni, Intel Room 8 CDLA and Open Data Collaboration - Speakers to be Announced Room 15 Tutorial: Blockchain Interoperability Demo with Cactus - Travis Payne & Peter Somogyvari, Accenture Room 14

11:15am PDT

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12:00pm PDT

Women of Open Source Community Africa; Emerging a Star - Ruth Ikegah, CHAOSS Community Member Room 20 Default to Open - Steps and Traps - Matt Yonkovit, Percona Room 1 Build System Tuning: More is Not Necessarily Better - Tom King, Tom King Communications Room 11 The Future of Data Pipelines with Atomic Wasm Transformations and the Evolving Role of Data Engineers - Thomas Chataigner & Philippe Métais, Polyphene Room 7 Moving from Federation to Trust and Coordination - Melissa Evers, Intel Room 16 Kubernetes is Open by Default, Use Open Source to Secure - Alexander Lawrence, Sysdig Room 2 Distributed Authorization for Microservices Powered by Kubernetes, Istio and Open Policy Agent - Gong Mengnan, Ninja Van Room 17 Instant Self-contained Development Environments for Everyone - Yshay Yaacobi, Livecycle Room 18 Panel Discussion: Peace, Love and JavaScript: Community and Culture - Robin Ginn, OpenJS Foundation; Sara Chipps, LinkedIn; Liz Parody, NodeSource; Myles Borins, GitHub Room 12 Embedded Linux Nuggets found in Buildroot Package Eldorado - Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin Room 4 Stateless HEVC Decoding in Mainline Linux: The Rocky Road to Becoming a Stable API - Benjamin Gaignard, Collabora Room 5 The Future of Linux on RISC-V - Drew Fustini, Embedded Linux Developer Room 3 Building Embedded Drivers for Industrial Communication using Code-generation - Christofer Dutz, Mapped Room 6 Lessons Learned Applying Compile-time Hardening Options for Security-Critical Program Binary in Linux - ChulWoo Lee, The Affiliated Institute of ETRI Room 10 Toolchains for People in a Hurry: Latest Features of GCC/GLIBC - Victor Rodriguez Bahena, Intel Room 9 How to Choose a Right Database for Your Microservices? - Dr. Vamsi Mohan Vandrangi, Hub Technologies Room 19 Field Report: Setting up a Software Product Line (SPL) Architecture based on Zephyr - Gregory Shue, Legrand Room 8 Open Source and ISO Standards - OpenChain and the Future of Compliance - Shane Martin Coughlan, Linux Foundation Room 15 Essential Guide to Preserving Freedom of Action for Open Source Developers - James Bottomley, IBM Room 13

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Creating an Employee Resource Group: Red Hat Asian Network - Jennifer Madriaga, Red Hat Room 20 Building a Foundation for Open Collaboration - Justin Rackliffe, Fidelity Investments Room 1 Defending Against Adversarial Model Attacks using Kubeflow  - Animesh Singh & Andrew Butler, IBM Room 7 Growing Open Source Culture Inside Sony - Kazumi Sato & Hiroyuki Fukuchi, Sony Group Corporation Room 16 Zero-Trust Supply Chain Security with Sigstore, TektonCD and SPIFFE - Dan Lorenc, Google Room 2 Securing Serverless Functions on Kubernetes with Quarkus Extensions - Daniel Oh, Red Hat Room 18 Building a Low-key XIP-enabled RISC-V Linux System - Vitaly Vul, Konsulko AB Room 3 I3C in Tomorrow's Design - Miquèl Raynal, Bootlin Room 4 Master your PipeWire Streams with WirePlumber - George Kiagiadakis, Collabora Room 5 Zephyr Project: RTOS Start-up and Initialization Flow - David Leach, NXP Room 6 Ply: Lightweight BPF Tracing - Frank Vasquez, Lunar Energy Room 10 Restricted Address Spaces for Container Security - Mike Rapoport & James Bottomley, IBM Room 9 Milvus 2.0: Building the World's Most Advanced Open-source Vector Database - Filip Haltmayer, Zilliz Room 19 Open Hardware: Skyrocketing Momentum and Global Adoption from Embedded to Enterprise - Calista Redmond, RISC-V International Room 15 Call for Code with The Linux Foundation: Contributing to Tech-for-good Even if You're Not Technical - Daniel Krook & Demi Ajayi, IBM Room 13 Tutorial: Istio Service Mesh Get Started Workshop - Lin Sun, Solo.io Room 17 Tutorial: Functional Safety Basics for Open Source Software Developers - Nicole Pappler & Prof. Dr. phil. Andreas Bärwald, AlektoMetis Room 8 Tutorial: The New Open Source 3D Atlas of Human Anatomy - Gauthier Kervyn, Z-Anatomy Room 14

4:25pm PDT

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How the Fastest Growing Open Hardware Project is Leveraging Visibility and Community Engagement for Industry Adoption and Member Success - Kim McMahon, RISC-V International Room 12 Inclusion in Open Source - Allies, Outlaws and Dinosaurs - David C Stewart, Intel Corporation Room 20 Emerging Automated License Compliance for Containers - Alexander Mazuruk & Krzysztof Opasiak, Samsung R&D Institute Poland Room 1 Self-serve Feature Engineering Platform Using Flyte and Feast - Ketan Umare, Union.ai Room 7 The Daimler FOSS Manifesto – Our Commitment to be Truly Open - Dr. Wolfgang Gehring, Daimler TSS Room 16 Panel Discussion: State of Art for Enabling Performance Sensitive Workloads and What We Need Next - Swati Sehgal, Red Hat; Alexey Perebalov, Huawei; Alexander Kanevskiy, Intel; Gergely Csatari, Nokia; Cliff Burdick... Room 2 Making Complex Open Source Safe for Operations - Gordon Haff & William Henry, Red Hat Room 18 Hypervisor-less virtio for Real-time and Safety - Maarten Koning, Wind River Room 3 Initializing RISC-V: A Guided Tour for ARM Developers - Ahmad Fatoum & Rouven Czerwinski, Pengutronix Room 5 Understanding the Structure of a Linux Kernel Device Driver - Sergio Prado, Toradex Room 4 Pets vs Cattle: Fleet Monitoring for Connected Devices - Drew Moseley, Toradex Room 6 Demystify Intel Security Technologies in the Firmware - Christian Walter, 9elements & Philipp Deppenwiese, immune GmbH Room 10 Tracking Down What Happened: A Comparison of Tracing Solutions - John Ogness, Linutronix GmbH Room 9

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